The year is 1932 – location: Houston TX

They were a power couple – Bonnie and Clyde which plundered together the US Banks generally through the country, magnificent congruity… She rides and he scoured the banks…

The year 2022 – region Miami FL. The new Bonnie and Clyde are Rich Butler and Kelly Stone.

The owners of Dermacare, but this time they are not burglarizing US banks… They are stripping American lives! Really? sounds unnecessarily ludicrous? States workplaces, Army, VA have mentioned enormous number of dollars through their undertaking laborer, FlowFlex self-Covid tests.

The Company went crosscountry to the exploration offices who produce these Covid tests and found one of the essential dealers – DermaCare.

The association trusted and wired enormous number of dollars to the 2022 Bonnie and Clyde, which are Rich Butler and Kelly Stone arranged in Florida.

Cash was in their record – yet no things were conveyed.

They included this money to make millions for themselves while taking a risk with the presences of people that necessary the Antigen home Self units!

These Kits ought to go to shield young people, warrior and individual available for any emergencies. It was seldom conveyed! They took a risk with the pride and security of this country – our adolescents, our seniors, our officials and our kin available for any emergencies.

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